TDA Update #2

Tour D'Abernethy Update #2

We are pivoting on ride choices for TDA 2023 – two shorter rides added
With just over a week to go, we are having great success in the fund raising and demand for the gravel ride but struggling on the road ride options. As such, we would like to hear back from the membership on whether a 50-60 km road and or gravel option would be of interest? This affords the rider the benefits of the beautiful scenery with more moderate ride challenges.

The additional benefit of the shorter rides are that people can leave Toronto at a more reasonable time.

We have decided to cancel the 120km road ride and added a shorter road and gravel ride at approx 50km to the calendar, so if you are interested, please sign up or simply email Paul at should you have any questions. Sign up on the home page by scrolling across to Aug 27th

Haven’t donated yet? Donate to Jim’s Preferred Charity – Do it Now

Thanks, and hope to hear back on some additional interest in this great and worthwhile event.

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Tour D’Abernethy Update

Tour D’Abernethy Charity Ride Update

Time to sign up / donate to this great cause!!

We are now closing in on the last two weeks before our 3rd annual Tour D’Abernethy in support of childhood cancer. We have three great rides planned, two road distances and an exciting new gravel option.

First and foremost, this is a charity event, and we want to exceed our goal of $10,000 in support of Campfire Circle (formerly Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium), for kids and families affected by childhood cancer.

Donate to Jim’s Preferred Charity – Do it Now

Other important information:

  1. This not restricted to only VCC members. We will work with the OCA to secure Try-A-Ride for the day. So, feel free to invite your cycling friends that aren’t members.
  2. Food ordering will follow in the next update to ensure people get what they prefer, and we deal with allergies
  3. The route for our gravel ride has been confirmed
  4. The start location is at the hill top of Beaver Valley and al rides offer great scenery. Look for the new VCC club tent (thank you to the government of Ontario for their support) and sponsor thanks at the entrance. Start location

The ride options are noted below so sign up so we have a good understanding of the numbers attending. Go to the calendar on the home page and scroll over to August 27th. It’s simple:

Ride options

120km Road Route

80km Road Route

80km Gravel Route

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TDA Update

Tour D'Abernethy Update and More

We wanted to update the membership on the 3rd Annual Tour D’Abernethy 2022 with our goal of having the largest turnout yet for this great charity event.

The charity proceeds go to Camp Ooch, which recently merged with Camp Trillium to become Campfire Circle, and was a special focus for Jim Abernethy as they provide support to children with cancer. Campfire Circle

Two significant changes include:

  1. Date moved out one week to August 27th
  2. We are adding a gravel option for 2022

Our ride options are as follows:  

      +/- 120 km



       +/- 80 km



       +/- 70 km



Catering for the event will be Justin’s Oven which should increase the overall “fun quotient”. We’ll be providing a menu and asking about dietary restrictions closer to the event as well as the link to make a donation to the cause. We will open the ride up to non-VCC members but we will need to get approval from the OCA for each non-VCC rider.

We’ll keep you posted on updates but please sign up on the calendar on the website by scrolling across to August 27th and also get this event in your personal calendar.

Two other matters to update on:

  1. Given the large demand for our Monday ride, we have now added a second ride to the calendar. Clips and Tips will remain at a social pace targeting 40km distance. The second ride is a tempo paced ride between 50-65km. Please sign up accordingly.
  2. St Joseph’s Hospital for the “Cycle 4 St Joe’s” on Sunday, Sept 25th. This is our local Hospital so let’s show our support. If anyone would like to join you can register until Sept 25th at Sign up for Ride 4 St Joe’s.           


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