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Ride Guidelines and Alternate BINGO card now available

Ride Guidelines and Etiquette

Please spend the time to review this document as we believe the time will be well spent. Please feel free to share it with other riders you may know, whether they are members or not.

Enjoy and let us know any feedback you may have.

Alternate Universe BINGO options 

The overlords at June BINGO have decided to tease us with some alternate universe optional rides. These include “find a critter”, “scenic ride” and “Century 21”. These “alternate universe” options are a little easier so it is well worth getting them if some of the initial card tasks were too daunting.

So how do you find them? Simply look on the VCC website on the homepage news posts or under the NEWS tab and select the BINGO copy. The link to these optional rides is found on either page. It is well worth the search and kudos to all who find it.

If you have questions about the article above, send us an email.

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