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ECC and VCC Combine to Increase Your Riding Options

I know we say this every year but next year is going to be our best season ever! And to support that bold claim we’ve got some incredibly exciting news to share.

You know and love VCC (Velocity). So do we. And there’s a really good chance that you also know and love ECC. So do we. In years past you’ve had to choose which one to join and ride with, and although our two clubs put together a deal so you could join both it was still double the registration, double the emails, double the ride sign-ups, double the choices, etc.

Well this year we’ve fixed that! Starting in 2024 Velocity and ECC are one club. The official OCA affiliated club is ECC however all the things you know and love about each club will continue with some excellent enhancements.

Our anticipated weekly ride schedule looks like this:


5:40/6:00 am – ECC Morning Ride

6:00 pm – VCC Tips and Clips


5:40/6:00 am – ECC Morning Explorer

5:30/6:00 pm – VCC Breakaway / Peloton


5:40/6:00 am – ECC Ford

9am “Gravel” Tempo – Out of town gravel ride

6:00 pm – VCC Tempo


5:40/6:00 am – ECC Morning Ride

5:30/6:00 pm – Breakaway / Peloton


5:40/6:00 am – ECC Fritter Friday


8:00 am – DPH   + Espresso and Machiatto. Tempo / Peloton / Breakaway. Usually heads to Oakville. Faster riders option to extend the route.


8:30 am – Tempo/Peloton Get Outta Town Ride

ECC Sunday Morning Ride

 Things that will stay the same with the added support of ECC:

Velocity Charity support and rides (Tour d’Abernathy, Tanya’s Ride – September 7, 2024)

Things that will stay the same with the added support of VCC:

Tour d’ECC

Things that will be improved and possibly combined:

Velocity Monday Evening Development Rides (Clips and Tips)

ECC Tuesday New Riders Rides

Things that are still being worked out but will result in a single process for riders:

Ride Sign-ups vs Spond

Club Clothing

Next Steps For You

Watch for the email announcing that registration is open, join the club, and get ready for a great season.

Technical Details

Velocity Cycling Club as an entity will wind up operations during 2024. The current VCC Board members will work with the ECC Board to finalize a new structure of Directors, Advisors, etc. The specifics of this are to be worked out but operationally ECC and its current Board will run things until we finalize the new structure.

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Velocity Cycling Club is following the lead of the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) concerning cycling activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Prior to May 29th, the OCA had cancelled all sanctioned events due to COVID – 19.

On May 29th the OCA followed in lock step with the Ontario government which has now permitted group riding with up to 5 participants provided they remain 2 metres apart. The OCA subsequently provided directions to permit sanctioned group riding of up to 5 riders to begin on June 4th. While this is positive news there are requirements to be followed including pre and post ride procedures for the club and riders to follow, PPE requirements for all riders to carry and a waiver is also required to be signed. All of these must be followed to permit sanctioned rides to begin and thus have insurance coverage available.

Your board will be evaluating these requirements and conclude on whether it makes sense to recommence VCC group rides along this timeline, a delayed timeline or to wait until there is further opening up of the restrictions. Watch your club e-mails for updates as the re-commencement of club activities progresses.

Please see the latest OCA update here : May 29 – OCA Return to Cycling

If you have questions about the article above, send us an email.

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