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Trial Group Rides Continuing




Trial group rides deemed a success

With the success of last weekends two rides we are planning, subject to rider interest, to repeat the same this weekend with a Saturday Mixed-Social ride (24-28 kph) and a Sunday Tempo ride (28-30 kph). Both rides are between 70-80km. The weather on Saturday is looking questionable, but they are often incorrect, so stay tuned for further updates on this aspect of the weekend.

Please note we are now permitted to increase the number of riders to a maximum of 10 participants. Anyone who is interested should e-mail by noon Thursday June 25th as he will be managing the allocation of rider slots.

Once we have the rider list finalized we will communicate directly with those attending on the riders responsibilities.

Lessons learned from the first trial weekend not to be repeated:

  • everyone has a different threshold for proximity to others. The minimum closeness is 2 metres (6 feet). Please be cognizant of your fellow riders wishes and if asked to step back please respect their wishes  
  • Lecture time: please read what is required re the COVID waiver as some are freewheeling in this area and it is taking up an inordinate amount of time when it need not:
    • the OCA confirmation says that all parties have received your information. This is FALSE. They send us nothing.
    • Step 1 – please click on the link on our COVID-19 page and complete the waiver.
    • Step 2 – upon receipt of the confirmation e-mail you must click on the link and download the actual certificate
    •  Step 3 – you must e-mail the downloaded actual waiver (not the confirmation e-mail) to

Complete these three steps and you get a gold star and are cleared for the remainder of the season. No waiver the night before, no ride. Sorry those are the rules imposed on the club.

Mentorship program
We have had some good interest in this program so far. If you would like to be added to the participate list please e-mail to begin the process.

June Bingo
The challenge is nearing its completion. If interested, there are a few of the “Crazy Kit” Day photos on the News page of the website.

If you have questions about the article above, send us an email.

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