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Thanks to our great Sponsors

There is NO Velocity without the generous support of our sponsors

It is time for all of us to acknowledge the great support that the club receives from its sponsors. Despite the challenges imposed by COVID we continue to have great support which allows us to provide many options for our members and to focus on the numerous charity events we participant in. No matter what level our sponsors participate at, we are truly thankful.

Gold Sponsor – Plan Group
Once again, in fact for the 11th year in a row as our lead sponsor, is Plan Group. Paul Sheridan has been a key supporter of the club with a keen eye on safety. Paul has caught the gravel bug so we are committed to getting him out to a few rides in 2021

Silver Plus – La-Z-Boy
We have a new Silver plus sponsor thanks to Paul and Heather Hogeboom, both of whom were active in the club in 2020. Welcome aboard.

Silver Sponsors

The list includes AMD (a new sponsor brought to us from Hanif Mawji), Chain Reaction (Bill, Leslie, Jason and the whole gang), Eclipsys (Michael Richardson), East Credit Dental (RTD), Peter & Greg Walker Contracting Inc, TPM Custom Homes (Craig Tyndall), VIBO (Luca D’Aprile) and Zerv (Paul Martin).

We are in the process of updating the jersey for the new sponsors and will update the rest of our branding shortly after this is completed.

Update on Supply Chain from Chain Reaction

Lots to know here so please click on the link for the fully enchilada. Suffice to say many things are in shorter supply and Chain is doing all they can to ensure they have as much selection available for our members. Well worth the read.

Link to Chain Reaction supply chain update

Other important links

Register for 2021
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Castelli Kit ordering
Don’t forget to order kit. The store will close on April 30th with a mid-June arrival.  See vest details here

Castelli kit site

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