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Change for Ride Sign-Up

Well, it didn’t take HQ very long to re-introduce the use of the calendar for signing up for certain rides. While WhatsApp works great in certain circumstances, particularly where there is a regular committed group of participants (Tues/Thurs, Gravel Goats and Get Outta Town Rides) going “blind” so to speak for Mon, Wed and Sat morning is not making sense.

Why? These three rides have a wider dispersion of ride participants making a WhatsApp chat group ineffective. 

Additionally, this helps the Ride Captains plan, participants to see who is coming and the club to understand the participation rates. In the case of Tips and Clips, we want to restrict the number of riders early in the season until this group finds its groove.

So, starting this Wednesday, May 4th, the calendar will be back in use for:

Monday – Clips and Tips (first ride scheduled for Monday May 16th)
Wednesday – Tempo Ride
Saturday – Danish Pastry Ride (Social paced)

Find the Calendar here

The calendar is active now for these rides and those who used it last year will find it just as easy. 

Sign up for 2022 here

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