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Peloton Rides Return to VCC

We are pleased to add the regular Peloton rides back into the VCC fold on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s starting at 5:30pm. These rides will depart from the parking lot at Humbervale Park Baptist Church located at 763 Royal York Rd.

These rides will average 30-33 kph and include spirited sections at much higher pace. If you have not previously ridden with this group we ask that you contact Craig Tyndall at to discuss your capabilities before registering. This is required as these rides require a high threshold of fitness and skill to ensure that these rides are conducted safely and all can enjoy the outing.

With this addition the club now has rides happening on 6 days of the week and more to follow.

Gravelocity update
Rick has some great try a ride options available so have a look at his website

Plan on attending a ride? Sign Up for a ride here before arriving:

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