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Member's Meeting

Thanks to all for attending our Member’s Meeting and Year End Social event at the Crooked Cue last week. Looks like we had over 40 people attend.

And another big thank you for showing your confidence in the current board and executive by voting in for another two years, Greg Alfred as President, Keith Luder as Vice President and Paul Martin as Treasurer. As your Board, we are looking forward in the next two years to more cycling and less COVID interruptions.

And we couldn’t do what we do without the support of our sponsors:

Plan Group as our lead sponsor since 2010 – Paul Sheridan

TPM Custom Homes and East Credit Dental since 2016 – Craig Tyndall and RTD

Eclipsys and Greg and Peter Walker since 2018 – Michael Richardson and Greg & Peter Walker

Chain Reaction since 2019 – Bill, Leslie and the Team at CR

Vibo and Zerv Inc since 2020 – Luca D’Aprile and Paul Martin

And to the two new sponsors in 2021:
Layzboy  – Paul and Heather Hogeboom

AMD – Hanif Mawji

We would also like to acknowledge the 2021 Award winners for those who could not attend last Tuesday:

Domestique of the Year – Rob Lunney (+13,000 km)
Groundhog Day Award 2021 – John Santos
Rookie of the Year 2021 – Dave Sammut
Fashionesta Award – Rebecca Bromstein (pink rules)
New Awards in 2021
The “Better” Cyclist  – Abua Oshen
The Road Whisper (master route designer) – Rich Williams
Retirement Award – for those longstanding and high contributing members who have now taken their bikes elsewhere – Rob Lunney and Rob Lendvai

With 2022 fast approaching we will be opening up the club for membership for next season early in January and advising on the full line of kit choices for the new season. We will be looking to shorten the delivery for kit so we will be asking for a quicker decision in 2022.

If you have questions about the article above, send us an email.

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