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Ride Updates

Just a couple of regular ride details to update on and some gravel updates in this message.

  1. With the weather now clearly into normal temperature range, please be advised that we are moving the start time for the Saturday morning coffee ride to 8:00am. Sign up on the calendar for these rides.


  1. Please note that Clips and Tips returns this coming Monday. If you are interested, please register on the website calendar.


  1. Gravel Goats rides are starting this coming Thursday. Contact to join the WhatsApp chat group to receive location and times for ride starts.

Scrappy Badger Gravel Ride
On Saturday May 7th VCC members Rob Givens, Chris Medved, Matt Nowak, Pedro Caraballo, Alex Boisseau and Keith Luder had a blast at the Scrappy Badger gravel event set in the scenic hills of Northumberland County near Cobourg, Ontario. Badgers are known for their tenacity and power and our VCC riders had plenty of that on display as they rode over 80 kilometres of challenging terrain. As if the numerous steep hilly gravel roads were not enough there were lots of ATV trails to connect them together. These trails were made from every material nature can challenge a gravel bike with including stones and rocks of various shapes and sizes, deep sand and slippery mud. Check out the video below:
VCC Scrappy Badger video
If you’re thinking of joining the Screaming Squirrel gravel ride (SS Ride details here)
on June 11th our former prez Rob Givens has the following advice:

  • Leave your ego at home, the course will humble you.
  • Make sure your bike is tuned up so that you don’t drop your chain 6 times
  • And most importantly, gravel events are fun, don’t forget to enjoy it.

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