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All Systems Go For Tanya's ride

This is the final club wide update for Tanya’s Ride happening Saturday October 2nd from Albion Hills Conservation park – Elmview #1 grounds. The remaining messaging in advance of the event will only go to those who have registered.

The event grounds look great, the forecast looks great, the menu looks great and of course the riding will be great.

Here’s what you need to know as we look in the details:

Ride start times moved back 30 minutes

  • Road (Peloton) – to 9:30am from 10am
  • All other rides – to 10:30am from 11am

due to the improved long range forecast.

Most will have a 45 minute drive to Albion Hills and the park opens at 9am so best to be there at or before 9am to get through the gate in time if you are doing the Peloton ride.

Food service

The menu has been finalized and we are super excited:

  • Non-vegetarian sandwich – in house made porchetta, served hot
  • Vegetarian sandwich – Luca is still finalizing his plans here
  • Soup – pureed vegetarian option from Vibo
  • Salad – 7 grain salad

What you need to bring (better take note or “No soup for you!”)

  • As we are not using an external caterering service, we ask that you bring your own reuseable dishes (plate, soup bowl and utensils). This will reduce the waste at the site and just makes sense to do.
  • Also, please come with your water bottles full. We will have fluids for the post ride gathering

There are lots of picnic tables on the site so there will be no issues with seating.

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