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June Update

Well here we are on June 1st and still there is a lack of clarity on when group riding will re-start. However there are indications that we should be back doing more “normal” (define as you wish) activities in the latter part of this month.

VCC will be focusing on re-commencing group rides when the threshold approved by the Ontario Cycling Association sanctions a minimum of 10 riders. We will keep you posted as this threshold gets met.

Also, reminders to “Save the Date” for these key rides

  • Steve Hancock Memorial Ride – Saturday July 10th starting in the morning
  • Tour D’Abernethy – Saturday August 21st (from Beaver Valley)
  • Tanya’s Ride – Saturday October 2nd (from Albion Hills with road and gravel options

Lastly, for those OCA Members looking to have their individual training activities covered (non-VCC sanctioned rides), members have the option to purchase into the “Personal Accident Extension Program” for an additional $25 (+CCN Fees) to extend the Sport Accident coverage to these activities.

Click here for link to extension of insurance coverage

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