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Join in the June BINGO 
riding challenge

Participate in this fun challenge throughout the month of June.

Depending on the level of commitment you choose, this challenge can be done solely on an indoor trainer, a mix of indoor and outdoor or solely outdoors while always practicing appropriate social distancing. Certain tasks can be combined two double your fun. You choose the day for each accomplishment but the preference is everyone rides each week.

Levels of commitment are defined as:

Newbie – complete the boxes across the top or down the left side
Amateur – complete the patchwork pattern
Pro – complete all boxes around the edge of the card
Rouleur – complete the entire Bingo card!

Complete your rides and update your Strava log to include the tasks you’ve completed (ie “Great ride today! G49 + I23… #junebingo” – Craig will, as usual, track everyone’s progress!  We may even have a draw for some prizes :)).

Join the Strava group to participate….

All you need to start participating is the two documents below:

Your Bingo Card
Your Bingo Instructions

If you have questions about the article above, send us an email.

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