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July Ride Update - Kit orders have arrived

Hello VCC members

Achieving Stage 2 did not offer any positive changes in the regulations for group riding and as such we will continue to wait for the reduction in restrictions to follow shortly when Stage 3 is achieved. We continue to believe that within a city cycling club context that 3 metre distancing is not only almost impossible to abide by, it makes group riding less safe.

Hopefully the news we are looking for will come soon with the expected achievement of Stage 3 during the month of July.

We spoke with the Ontario Cycling Association (“OCA”) about the lack of positive change and understand that the provincial regulations govern club rides. Further, as road and gravel cycling is not specifically referenced in the regulations, cycling has been lumped into a general category which includes indoor sports. That is of course not logical but explains the reason why the 3 metre rule is in place. The OCA advises that they continue to lobby the government for relief without success to this point.

Given the message above and having tentatively slotted the SHMR in for Saturday July 10th we will re-schedule the ride once appropriate group riding conditions exist. Stay tuned.

Plans are progressing for the 2nd annual Tour D’Abernethy currently slated for Saturday August 21. Expect to receive an update and opening of the calendar once the ride routes have been finalized.

Beaver Valley Ski Club will once again be the host of the event and we have been advised that they have increased the outdoor patio area and we are expecting to have on site catering for this great event.

Good news, the Castelli order arrived on July 2nd at HQ and looks mighty fine. Please e-mail at to arrange pick up.

If you have questions about the article above, send us an email.

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