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July Team Challenge



Time to put some friends together and a whole bunch of  kilometres behind you

We like these types of releases. Craig and his cast of merry men have decided that July should be filled with a team challenge of groups of four members with all teams having a minimum of one female. Riders decide when and who they ride with so lots of flexibility in this one. Results to be tracked and record on Strava.

This is a point based challenge based on the following chart:

All of July, rides will be tracked and scored as follows (limit one ride per day, you Zwift maniacs…)  using a Stableford modified cycling scoring system….

Bogie                      +1 Point Ride 30km
Par                          +2 Point Ride 70km
Birdie                     +3 Points Ride 100km
Eagle                     +5 Points Ride 160km
Albatross              +8 Points Ride 200km
Great bustard     +12 Points Ride 300km 

Earn extra points with proof of an extraordinary team event/display/show of kindness/charity. This should keep the judges busy in July and  help those teams that may not be as “peddling inclined” as some of the other teams.

The winning team at the end of July will be crowned, well, “The winning team of July”!

Get in on it for the challenge, for the comradery or just for the heck of it. Just find three other members of the club, pick a great name for your team and let our host know at that you are in.

June Bingo has been a blast and kept those who participated on their toes and focused on riding.

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