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Let's Get Rolling Together - VCC is Open Again

Hello VCC members

We are so pleased that Stage 3 has been reached and we can re-open club riding without unrealistic restrictions.

The remaining restrictions are that we are subject to our club mandated 18 rider maximum per ride (we are setting 10 for Clips and Tips), that the ride captain must verbally confirm at the start of each ride that no rider is feeling any COVID symptoms (but our club members are accountable and we are sure no one will attend if they are experiencing signs of COVID or have recently been exposed to someone with COVID) and participants must register through our reservation system. No walk ups (or non VCC members) are permitted as we are required to maintain a log of all riders for each ride for contract tracing purposes.

As with other cycling clubs, there will be no exceptions to the rules to comply with the regulations of the OCA and ensure insurance coverage provided is available.

As you have seen we originally had a very aggressive ride calendar and feel that we would prefer to ease into club riding and see the interest level from our membership and move forward from there.

Plan on attending a ride? Sign Up for a ride here before arriving:

Re-opening ride
What better opportunity to re-open starting with the annual Steve Hancock Memorial Ride which we are holding this coming weekend on Saturday July 24th with these rides.

  1. +/- 105 km route that we used last year SHMR 105km route
  2. +/- 45 km SHMR 45km

Regularly scheduled rides
We plan to commence regularly scheduled rides departing from the eastern parking lot at Humbertown on July 26th:

Monday evening at 6pm – Clips and Tips for those looking to get comfortable riding in a group or prefer shorter distances (25-30km) 
Wednesday evening at 6pm – Tempo paced, no drop ride from 45-60 km
Saturday morning at 8 am – our traditional DPH no drop ride to Oakville at Tempo pace with a distance of 75 km
Sunday morning – Our “Get Outta Town” rides return with the routes changing from week to week. For those interested in hearing about these rides please contact to be added to the WhatsApp group chat.


We plan to gradually add additional rides, including some of our favourite gravel rides and our initial “Test Your Limits” rides, once we have a read on the membership wants.

For those who have not been riding in groups it is always a good idea to freshen up on your Ride Guidelines and Etiquette by accessing our club document

Thank you to everyone for your patience in these unparalleled times and we look forward to some excellent riding.

If you have questions about the article above, send us an email.

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