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Chain Reaction Update on the Bike Market

Hello Velocitypes! 

At Chain Reaction we wanted to reach out to everyone in the club to let you all know what’s shaking here at the shop, and what you can expect from the coming year. Suffice it to say, it’s going to be another challenging year as far as the supply chain goes and you can expect that for at least another 12-24 months. Yup, that is not a typo.

A couple quick points to note….

  • Now is the time to get your bike service appointment on the books. It will only get more and more busy from here on in. We do our best to prioritize Club Members, but we expect a higher than usual volume for repairs again this year.
  • Shop early for things like parts and accessories this year. Inventory is good now on many things, but mid season replenishment may not be possible.
  • We’re back open for the full in store shopping experience.
  • WE CAN NOW TAKE PAYMENTS ON OUR WEBSITE!! This is something we’re working on every single day and we need your help to “beta test” our system. More items are being uploaded literally every hour. Most of the items you see are available now. This means you can fill a shopping cart, pay for your order and pick up in store. 

We’re offering a special 10% off discount code to all club members for any purchases made through our site until March 25th. This includes everything but bicycles and trainers. Just use the discount code ‘VELOCITY‘ at checkout (only for Velocity members so not for sharing). Make sure you use the same email address you use for in-store shopping so you can collect your rewards.

And if you want to take a deeper dive on the full state of the nation, Jason has written a brief newsletter. It’s only about a 2 minute read and it will help to shed light and add some transparency.

Thanks again for all of your support over the years. We really appreciate it! With any luck, the worst of this whole pandemic thing is behind us. We look forward to seeing all of you in the shop and out on the road/trail this season in a bigger and better way.

Keep the rubber side down,

Chain Reaction Tea


If you have questions about the article above, send us an email.