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Club Rides

Velocity offers a variety of group rides each week with differences in pace, distance and intensity. If you are not a member and want to give the club a tryout, please complete the attached form and someone will be in touch with you.

Reserving a spot is quick and simple by using the Spond app

How We Roll

Want to Try-A-Ride?

Please contact to enquire about our process

Velocity offers a variety of group rides each week with differences in pace, distance and intensity.

  • Most are no-drop rides, in which the pace is set to ensure that the entire group completes the ride together.
  • A few are drop rides, in which the main group may drop slower cyclists, who will then complete the ride on their own.
  • Some rides include spirited sections in which the pace picks up progressively in a safe manner. The ride then stops to regroup at the end of the section before continuing.
  • In all cases, we start the season with shorter rides, then extend as the days get longer into summer, before shortening them in fall.


Check the Spond VCC app for more details on ride start times and routes for the coming rides

5:30/6:00 pm – Social, Clips and Tips

Tuesday / Thursday
5:30/6:00 pm – Breakaway / Peloton

6:00 pm – Tempo

Mornings- “Gravel” Tempo – Out of town gravel ride

8:00 am – Tempo / Social  + Coffee Ride. Usually heads to Oakville. Faster riders option to extend the route.

8:30 – Tempo/Peloton Get Outta Town Ride

Ride Descriptions

Relative Pace



40-60 km @ speeds ranging from 24 kph tp 28 kph

A more relaxed pace to help build base mileage, supportive ride for both women and men. Great for developing group-ride skills and fitness, and meeting ride buddies.

Rides start the season at shorter distances and more focused on group riding skills. Make sure you come out early in the season to garner all the benefits.


50 – 85 km @ speeds ranging from 28 kph tp 35 kph

No-drop, with the idea of bringing those from the Social Ride along toward a faster pace and longer distance. This ride also introduces spirited sections.

Equates to our advanced gravel riders but handicapped for the limitations on these routes


50- +100 km @ speeds ranging from 30 kph tp 40 kph

A no-drop ride. There’s a focus on a steady pace and rotation, with the group working together for a ride that’s almost as fast as the Breakaway (below). A no-drop ride with surges and then re-grouping.


53-100+ km @  speeds ranging from 35 kph tp 45 kph

A no drop ride with regular surges in pace and then re-grouping. The group works together to keep the pace high, but riders also challenge each other to push the pace.