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Return to Cycling - June Update

Hello VCC members

As you may have heard, the Ontario Cycling Association has advised that group riding can officially resume under the following criteria:

  • Group size is limited to ten (10) inclusive of a required ride leader 
  • Physical distance of 3m [extended from 2m] must be maintained at all times
  • When more than one group is riding, and the course is a point-to-point, Group B can start 15-30 minutes after the last rider of Group A has departed. This rule would apply for any subsequent groups as well.
  • If the course is a loop (i.e. circular, square, rectangular or with a turnaround point), Group B can start 15-30 minutes after the last rider of Group A has completed their ride.

While the 10 number met our previous threshold to restart, in the Board’s opinion the spacing increase to 3 metres (10 feet) makes for an unmanageable group of 10 when riding in the city and managing through stop lights etc., let alone rotating riders.

As such, it is our determination to defer the recommencement of group riding until we see further lifting of restrictions which we expect should come soon as the vaccination rates increase and cases further decrease during the summer season.

Kit Update

Castelli has confirmed that our product will leave the plant on June 25th so expect us to reach out directly to those who ordered in the beginning of July to arrange pick up.

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