Safety Tips

Safety Tips Update

First of all, thanks members, for the high attendance at our club rides this season. With more riders coming out, safety becomes even more important. Safety is key and our board, our sponsors and our membership demand it.

Let’s go through just three for now.

Tire maintenance – regularly check your tires. A good practice for frequent riders is to change them every year. Often tires dry out and crack after 2-3 years and become dangerous to ride
Examine the tread of your bicycle tire for any wear and tear. See if you can spot any nicks or cuts, and that there’s nothing sharp stuck in between the treads that could lead to a puncture. Also, check the sidewalls for any tears or bulges.
Check the air pressure. A good rule of thumb is to follow the air pressure range recommended by the manufacturer and adjust according to your personal preference.


Shoe cleats – regularly check shoe cleats and bolts. Replace them if they show signs of wear and tear. If you ride a lot with one pair of cleats (3 or more times a week), replace them annually and check them every 2-3 months.
Cleat wear depends on how often you ride, how many miles you put in, your riding style, how much you walk in your shoes, and whether your shoes have recessed cleats. It’s generally best to play it safe and not let your cleats get too worn out before you replace them.
Riding with worn out cleats can make you unable to clip into—or worse, unable to clip out of—your pedals.


Working front and back lights – this is not an option for club rides, it is mandatory
Operational front and rear lights are mandatory on all club rides (and should be followed when you ride on your own). Get accustomed to regularly charging or changing batteries.
Also, not all lights are equal. Have lights that are sufficiently large and bright enough to attract a driver’s attention. We recommend:
  • Rear light with at least 150 lumens
  • Front light with at least 400 lumen to ensure you can been seen during the day
 Lastly, having a bell on your bike is key when riding in the city.

In the event you are not comfortable will making these assessments, take your bike/shoes into Chain Reaction or your local shop to have the professional take a look. At Chain Reaction, members get 5% off their purchase and another 5% off their next purchase.

Please follow these specific points and of course keep your bike well maintained by cleaning, lubricating your chain and checking your bike for any signs of wear and tear.

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SHMR 2022

Steve Hancock Memorial Ride


Thanks to all the participants on the Steve Hancock Memorial Ride this morning. We had a beautiful day and consolidated our three rides into one due to the high vacation period. I guess the 15 of us who rode all don’t have cottages 🙂 

Next year we plan to move the ride into late June to hopefully increase the availability of participants. 

If you have questions about the article above, send us an email.