Weekly Rides
Velocity offers a variety of group rides each week. We’ve branded them to help indicated differences in pace, distance and intensity.

  • Most are no-drop rides, in which the pace is set to ensure that the entire group completes the ride together.
  • A few are drop rides, in which the main group may drop slower cyclists, who will then complete the ride on their own.
  • Many rides include spirited sections in which the pace picks up progressively in a safe manner. The ride then stops to regroup at the end of the section before continuing on.

In all cases, we start the season with shorter rides, then extend as the days get longer into summer, before shortening them in fall.

Here’s a breakdown, from easiest to most challenging. The weekly schedule is further below.


Social Pace
40-55 km @ 20-25kph
A more relaxed pace to help build base mileage, supportive ride for both women and men. Great for developing group-ride skills and fitness, and meeting ride buddies.

Mixed – Social (aka “Rule 3 Ride”)
40-55 km @ 24-28 kph
A social, supportive ride for both women and men, based on Rule #3 (“Guide the uninitiated.”) Great for developing group-ride skills and fitness, and meeting ride buddies.
53-72 km @ 28-30 kph
No-drop, with the idea of bringing those from the Social Ride along toward a faster pace and longer distance. This ride also introduces spirited sections.
Lumen’eers (Autumn Only)
48 km @ 25-28 kph
A no-drop night ride that combines bike paths, rail trails, forest, and quiet streets. Cyclocross bikes are best, but 25-28 tires on a road bike will do. A magical way to get some miles in when the days turn short.
53-80 km @ 30-33 kph
Mostly a no-drop ride. There’s a focus on a steady pace and rotation, with the group working together for a ride that’s almost as fast as the Breakaway (below). Ride captains try to ensure no one goes solo, but the ride may end with a small group (a grupetto) having fallen off the back.
53-80+ km @ 33-36 kph
A drop ride with regular surges in pace. The group works together to keep the pace high, but riders also challenge each other to push the pace. Those who are dropped will need to know the route well enough to ride home alone. See Rule #5 (“Harden the f—- up.”)

Coffee Ride (Saturday)
65-75 km @ 28-32 kph
Our weekly no-drop trek to Oakville. Quite social, but often just a tad faster than the Tempo Ride, with a few more spirited sections. We usually make a mid-ride stop for coffee and a treat. In cold weather, we delay the coffee until the end of the ride. Mid-summer, there’s the option of riding further – to Campbellville or Burlington, dubbed the Luongo Ride.
Get Outta Town Ride (Sunday)
70-120 km @ 28-32 kph
Often starts in either Mississauga or Kleinburg, for a scenic no-drop ride through the country hills west or north of the city. A mid-ride bakery stop is a must, and with an optional brunch afterward. Climb hills at your own pace and regroup at the top. Really what road cycling is all about.
70-110 km @ 24-30 kph
A women-only ride, geared toward encouraging newer ‘Donnas to ride a little longer distance. We are hoping to offer one event each month.
Epic Rides
100+ km @ 28-32 kph
Once a month, we stretch our legs for longer rides ranging from the sublime (Forks of the Credit or around Lake Simcoe) to the ridiculous (Niagara Falls or a 100-mile gravel ride). Most often, these take place on a Sunday or holiday Monday. We hope for a big enough turnout to split up into groups tailored for different distances and pace.

Weekly Schedule (But check the calendar and your email for updates)
Ride from Chain Reaction
6:10 pm – Social (Rule 3 Ride)
Ride from Chain Reaction
6:05 pm – Breakaway
6:10 pm – Peloton
Ride from Chain Reaction
6:05 pm – Tempo
Ride from Chain Reaction
6:05 pm – Breakaway
6:10 pm – Peloton
Ride from Chain Reaction
7:00 am – Breakaway Northern Route (usually 75-100 km, with a 55 km short turn).
Ride from Humbertown Plaza
8:00 am – Coffee Ride
Meeting place TBD
9:00 am – Get Outta Town Ride