Risk Management Plan

Velocity Cycling Club Inc. 

Risk Management Policy 

Our club goal is to ensure that rides be conducted with the maximum degree of safety for all participants. All participants share the responsibility for ensuring that this policy is followed in order to make our rides as safe as possible. 

  • All participants must be members of either the Velocity Cycling Club Inc.(VCC) or another OCA affiliated club. 
  • Non-club members wishing to participate in a ride must have prior permission from a club director in addition to signing a non-club rider waiver in order to participate. 
  • If an ineligible rider insists on participating even after being asked not to then the ride must be cancelled. 
  • All riders participating in VCC rides will abide by VCC’s riding rules and cycling etiquette, which are required to be read by all VCC members upon joining. 
  • Riders that do not obey the VCC’s rules may be sanctioned from riding and could be removed from the VCC. 
  • The Ride Captain will identify himself/herself to the group so that everyone is aware of who is leading. 
  • The Ride Captain has the final decision on all matters pertaining to the ride and his/her decisions must be respected by all participants. 
  • Each individual will conduct themselves in a responsible manner at all times and retains liability for their own actions. 
  • A headcount will be conducted just prior to departure and thereafter periodically during the ride to ensure that all participants are present. 
  • Front and rear lights are mandatory on all road rides. 
  • All road traffic laws must be obeyed. 
  • Chosen routes should be planned to avoid busy roadways if at all possible. 
  • All riders must wear a CSA approved crash helmet. 
  • Riders must not be left behind (dropped) during any ride unless they first confirm with the Ride Captain that they are detaching from the group. 
  • If a rider is in some difficulty and requires escorting back to the start point the Ride Captain will designate a person as the escort. This does not apply if the rider is turning back early due to a personal time restriction. 
  • If the group size is too large for safety on the intended route the group should be split into one or more manageable sizes and the Ride Captain will designate riders as leaders for the separate groups. A size of 6-12 is a reasonable group. The two groups should be at least 100 metres apart on the road to allow other vehicles to pass safely in two maneuvers. The last group to leave will be the designated “no drop” group. 
  • When there is more than one group on a ride, riders may drop from their group to one of the following groups. 
  • Any and every accident on a CLUB Ride shall be immediately reported to a CLUB Board member. The accident must also be reported to the Provincial Cycling Association through the proper reporting procedures and forms provided by VCC. The list of Board members can be found on the CLUB website.