About Us

Velocity Cycling Club is a group of enthusiastic cyclists who enjoy safe, well organized and at times spirited cycling. We aim to attract and educate less experienced riders by providing road safety education through our Ride Etiquette guidelines and through Ride Captain and fellow rider feedback.

Join the Club in 2021

Click below to join the Velocity Cycling Club (VCC) for the upcoming season. Membership benefits include access to all VCC scheduled rides, group riding education, social riding events and charitable ride opportunities. Members dues along with our corporate sponsors funds covers the cost of running the club and its annual initiatives.

Membership for the club is $50 for adults and $10 for youth. In addition, a member must join the Ontario Cycling Association which provides liability insurance coverage at a cost of $45. Membership is completed at the link provided below.

Board of Directors

President – Greg Alfred

Vice-President – Keith Luder

Secretary – Agnes Lipski

Treasurer – Paul Martin

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