Last call for kit

Get Your Kit Before the Store Closes


So it is snowing and COVID has not yet left us but those are no excuse for not ordering your 2021 kit and the deadline is closing in on April 30th. We spoke with Castelli this week and the plant is awaiting our order. We are also having all kit delivered to HQ to avoid any delivery issues and save costs for our members.

Changes at Castelli now allows for lower minimums:

  • ladies we are looking for a couple of additional orders to reach the minimums, and
  • this affords us the opportunity to add some cooler weather kit for ordering later in the summer. More to follow on this.

The 2021 jersey has  been tweaked to add our new sponsors and the design layout slightly amended.You’ll look distinct, and the same, with last year’s jersey. 


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Delay in opening the 2021 season

Hurry up and .... wait. COVID delays formal season opening

Folks, we were hoping we would be closer to opening up the formal riding schedule at this time for the 2021 season . However, COVID’s recent (recurring) flare-up has caused us, and other clubs, to pause for the moment and evaluate the situation before moving forward.

Your Executive are engaging with our Ride Captains on solidifying the re-start to the season and we will keep you apprised as our position becomes clearer.

But all is not lost. What can we do in the interim to be ready for that opening? Here are a few suggestions:

  • If you are new to the club, or simply want to re-fresh, please read our Ride Guidelines VCC Ride Guidelines. Also from the guide, here are our top 10 safety focus list Top 10 Safety Focus
  • Find your comfort zone and ride following the appropriate social distancing and group size restrictions
  • New to club or need some motivation? Feel free to reach out to me at and we can arrange to help you get going on your club riding experience

Chain Reaction has sourced a great deal on Skratch bars. Click on the link to get yours before they are all gone. Regularly $45 for $25. VCC members getting first dibs on them so act before they are all gone.
Get your discounted Skratch bars here

Registration continues
Register for 2021
– Don’t have an account? Simply create one when at log in

Castelli Kit ordering
Don’t forget to order kit. The store will close on April 30th with a mid-June arrival.  
Castelli kit site

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A New Year With New Goals

Looking Forward to a Great 2021 Riding Season

With the turn of the calendar a new year begins and for us in southern Ontario we get to start thinking beyond riding our trainers over the next couple of months. We at VCC are looking forward to the riding opportunities in 2021 and know that we can manage through whatever COVID has left to challenge us with.

We will open 2021 registration in the next week or so and have been advised that the OCA is combining the 2021 COVID waiver with the registration process so that should reduce the back and forth on this matter. 

What we would like our membership to begin thinking about is the potential for greater group riding opportunities in 2021. To assist in this, we have prepared a provisional ride calendar, which of course will be subject to COVID, but where our commitment lies. See calendar here: VCC Provisional 2021 Ride Calendar

What to expect? 

  • More regular ride opportunities including gravel options
  • Commencing in late June through September, the addition of monthly Test Your Limits (TYL) road and gravel rides (>100km)
  • Promotion to our membership to participate in several of our favourite organized rides in southern Ontario that hopefully will not be impacted by Covid.
    • Jack Ride (whether virtual or not) – May
    • Cambridge Tour de Grand Bicycle Ride – June
    • Epic Halton Grand Fondo – September
    • Hastings Highland Hilly Hundred – October
  • The continuation of our club sponsored charity rides: the second rendition of the Tour D’Abernethy and continuation of Tanya’s Ride while we await to see if T4K returns in 2021. And of course, the Steve Hancock Memorial Ride.

Please note that due to the continued COVID restrictions, and as the board is not proposing any matters that require membership voting, the Annual General Meeting will be held as a matter of record with the directors on January 12, 2021. If any member has any matters to raise please feel free to reach out to me at

Registration should be opening soon and we will update you on that and kit ordering in the very near future.


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VCC Year end awards

VCC 2020 Awards

Well, the year is quickly coming to a close and despite the challenges imposed by COVID, by all accounts cycling has played an extremely positive role in maintaining fitness and overall mental health for many of our club members.

The last and final inconvenience from the pandemic is the cancellation of our annual get together where we share a cold beverage or two and tell some stories..

But we will conclude our messaging for 2020 with our annual award winners. With a new board in place, we have modified things slightly. One change, given the number of fatal and near misses on the roads across Toronto this year, is the removal of the Ouchie Award. It just does not feel right.

So your 2020 VCC award winners are…

Steve Hancock Award – Craig Tyndall

  • and no explanation required here folks! Thanks, Craig, for all that you have done to improve the lives for all who participated with what started out as the Flatten The Curve challenge in April and culminated in August. We cannot thank you enough.
  • And for all those who did not directly participate in the monthly events, please find below a link to the “COVID-19 Response Manual” celebrating this journey. Each participant received a hard copy of the manual. Have a look as there are lots of great recipes in the manual to try over the winter.

            Covid-19 Response Manual link

Domestique of the Year Award – Agnes Lipski  

  • for completing the Butter Tart 700 bike packing challenge in 5 days. She topped out at 730km and says she will not be doing that one again!
  • If you do not know much about this challenge, please check it out at

Domestique of the Year Award – Alessandro Bonciani

  • for exceeding 21,000 km and still counting. This was accomplished with 494 rides (the committee asked “aren’t there only 365 days in a year?”) and a trivial 157 km of elevation gain. 
  • outstanding by any standard and considering he only did a “mere” 9,000 km last year
New Awards in 2020

Fashionista Award – Pedro Cabrella

  • award for consistently being decked out in the finest matching kit
  •  oh those blue shoes

Lanterne Rouge Award – Luca D’Aprile

  • award for perseverance under trying conditions
  • justified after completing a 85 km group ride with +700m of elevation gain with only his hardest gear after his battery died early in the ride. Get this average cadence for the ride – 49

 Rule #4 Award – Ken Beattie

  • award for the person who attended the most VCC rides

 Rookie of the Year – Diana Knight

  • award for demonstrating enthusiasm, participation in VCC events and testing her limits while promoting VCC values

Congratulations to all for making the club that much better.

We will be back to you early in 2021 with our thoughts for the upcoming riding season and gravel will be prominent. Happy Holidays everyone and remain safe. The COVID is showing that it just isn’t quite ready to go away in advance of the vaccinations. Remain vigilant and this will all hopefully be gone in 2021.

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Chain Reaction bike demand update

Chain Reaction Updates on Bike Demand

Seasons Greetings fellow VCC members.

Well it has been a heck of a season for everyone in the Bike business.

From global supply chain and inventory shortages to a increased demand of about 300%, the bicycle world has been turned upside down. Although many stores here in Ontario were slow to place their bicycle orders for the coming 2021 season, and may not receive many of these bikes, we were quite proactive and secured our allotments very early.

We have had many 2021 Road, Mountain and Gravel Bikes arrive and sold very quickly and we estimate about 75% of all 2021’s will be pre-sold by mid winter.

We would like to extend to VCC members the first opportunity for a one on one consultation in our private showroom on the 2nd floor (formerly the Training Studio and with appropriate COVID protocols) should anyone be looking to add a bike.

Please feel free to call or email me at your earliest convenience and we will help you find your new Dream Ride.

Yours in Pedaling

Bill Greene
Chain Reaction Bicycles

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2020 season winding down

2020 Season Winding Down

It’s been a challenging year in many ways, one which we all have experienced. Cycling has proven to be safe, with proper social distancing practices, and not just a physical release but a mental health release and that is why we all love this sport.

VCC will now wind down it’s formal ride schedule but will continue to monitor the weather forecasts and may announce individual rides periodically throughout the remainder of this year.  We will continue, at least for the next few weeks, the early bird version of Lumen’eers departing at 5:30pm from the parking lot to the east of the Old Mill. 

Despite the challenges of COVID we feel the club, with the support of its membership, has maximized its ride schedule opportunities. It all started with the April thru August monthly challenges, a derivation of the cancelled TFK ride in support of Camp Ooch with the inaugural Tour d’Abernethy ride, the Steve Hancock Memorial Ride and finishing up in October from Albion Hills with Tanya’s Ride in support of BIST.

So we ticked all the boxes : Ride.Give.Live

Looks like our typical year end get together may be in jeopardy but we will be reaching out to all of you on this one in December.

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Fall Ride Schedule

Fall Ride Schedule / Tanya's Ride

Late season ride schedule

We are working to extend the club cycling season with the following three ride offerings. The gravel option and Lumen’eers will start after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend:

Saturday morning

  •  Danish Pastry Ride (or similar route) will continue
  •  Gravel ride (out of town start with location advised several days before)

Wednesday evening

  • Lumen’eers returns so bring your front night light

Clips and Tips and our regular Wednesday evening rides are now closed for the season.

All rides are subject to ride captain availability and of course weather dependent. 

Please be reminded that reservations close based on the following times:
– for morning rides, sign up will close 12 hours before (night before)
– for evening rides, sign up will close 3 hours before

Tanya’s Ride For Brain Injury  – $24,000 raised and still counting

What a great day on October 3rd. The weather cooperated, we had 45 riders participating in four separate road rides (114 km, two rides of 80 km and one at 58 km) plus a gravel ride. Albion Hills Conservation Area proved to be the perfect spot for great ride routes and appropriate social distancing.

Care to still make a donation, please use this link : BIST donation

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Tanya’s Ride Sold Out

Tanya's Ride Sold Out and more

Tanya’s Ride For Brain Injury October 3rd – Sold Out

We are pleased to see the interest for Tanya’s charity ride in support of the Brain Injury Society of Toronto (“BIST”) as all 45 available spots have now been filled. For those signed up we will be providing our COVID Compliance Plan as soon as we complete our discussions with the OCA. We wish we could offer more spots but the provincial restriction on gatherings does not permit this.

Great news, just under $16,000 has been raised to this point. Thanks to the Luder family for their leading role in generating donations.

Late season club ride update

We continue to adjust the start times of our rides to accommodate cooler temperatures and lessening daylight so make sure you check the calendar start time when RSVPing. Any material changes will be circulated to the entire club.

We are also making the following RSVP deadline changes:
– for morning rides, sign up will close 12 hours before
– for evening rides, sign up will close 3 hours before

Club members can decide to ride after these deadlines but at their own risk of availability.

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