The Second Season Begins

Hello Everyone,Finally an email from me that isn’t a complaint email…

I wanted to congratulate the Tour For Kids team with reaching the $1million milestone. A lot of hours spent training and fundraising are put in by everyone on the team to reach their fundraising commitments. Well done, you’ve earned the right to sit in on group rides for a while.

With the T4K events wrapping up just over a week ago we can turn our attention to the second half of the season. We only have a few more weeks of daylight for week night rides so let’s get out there and enjoy it.

Saturday and Sunday Rides Continue Until The Snow Flies.

  • Chain Reaction Store Rides
  • Coffee Rides
  • Sunday Get Outta Town Rides


Wednesday’s Lumineers Rides.

We started this last year in mid-September with much success and it’s a great way to extend the season. This is a ride around the city making use of the bike paths on the Martin Goodman, Don Valley, Belt line and Humber trails. We meet at the Old Mill Restaurant at 7pm for a 2hr15min ride. Last year it was Wednesdays this year is TBD still. We will ride as long a conditions are safe and we have sufficient demand.

What you need for Lumineers Rides:

  • You need bright lights.
  • Little blinky lights won’t be adequate for this ride. I checked with Bill and he has lots of lights in stock so you can make use of your store discount to get some super bright lights.
  • Buy a bell while you’re at it, we’ll be on the bike path system and a bell is super helpful letting folks know we’re coming through.
  • Bike – a cross bike is ideal for this. Some people rode road bikes with 25 and 28mm tires. Don’t use your race wheels because you can’t always see debris and potholes when it’s dark.


Will continue to ride into the fall season, watch out for announcements with more details.

Fall Mountain Biking (MTB) And Cyclocross (CX)

Based on the success of last year’s MTB day we’re gonna try to have a couple of them this year. Stay stuned for days. Some other fun mountain bike events are also coming up:

Let us know if you’re planning to try or race Cyclocross this fall. It would be great to have a few people flying the Velocity colours at these events.

Club Time Trial?

Let us know if you’d be interested in testing out the idea of us organizing and/or competing in a Velocity Members Club Time Trial. Eddy Merckx style to begin with.