The $1,000,000 milestone supporting Tour For Kids!!

In the 10 years that Velocity has participated in the Tour For Kids charity event, we have collectively raised over $1,000,000, not to mention all of the other funding and material support that Velocity members have contributed to this amazing charity along the way.  Every one of you who has participated in this event deserves a resounding THANK YOU and a pat on the back for giving back to this amazing charity.

For those of you who have never participated, put it on your calendar for next year.  It is a spectacular riding experience offering scenic country rides that range from 100 – 250 km’s each day.  There are many rest stops and many friendly groups going at all levels of intensity.  The evening events are a ton of fun and the socializing with your fellow Velocity team members is a continuum of non-stops laughs.  Of course, the connection you make to the kid’s cancer camps, some of the children and the families themselves is inexplicably inspiring and moving.  It is a weekend that will change your life in some way… How could you pass up on that promise?