Weekend Rides:

We’ll have three ride options:
Epic B2TF II
 ride to the Falls and back. Details here.
7 a.m. Sportif Northern Route (with a 55km short cut) – leaves from Chain Reaction
Coffee Ride leaving from Humbertown:
8:00 a.m. Coffee Ride – 72 km to Oakville

SUNDAY Free Stylin’
This Sunday is the Ride for Karen so there will be no club ride this week. Check out rideforkaren.com.

Weekly Schedule
Monday – VeloDonnas Ladies only ride (6pm) & Mixed Social 53km. from Chain Reaction at 6:10pm
– Breakaway Ride (33+ kph pace) leaves from Chain Reaction 6:05 pm
– Peloton Ride (30-33 kph pace) leaves at 6:10 pm
Wednesday – Tempo Ride – No-drop (27-30 kph pace) – leaves from Chain Reaction 6 pm.
– Breakaway Ride (33+ kph pace) leaves from Chain Reaction 6:05 pm
– Peloton Ride (30-33 kph pace) leaves at 6:10 pm.
– 7:00 a.m. Sportif Northern Route  (Starting at Chain Reaction)
– 8:00 a.m. Coffee Ride – no-drop (Starting at Humbertown)
Sunday – Get Outta Town ride