VeloDonnas Ride again TONIGHT!

Last wk was such a huge success! Great turnout and lots of fun! Let’s DO THIS, again!!
Tonight we expect more VeloDonnas, you know who you are! Can’t wait to see you tonight 🙂
Remember, this is social, friendly, supportive and FUN!!
We’ll meet at Humbertown @ 5:50PM in the parking lot across the street from Second Cup for a quick pre-ride conversation and then roll out at 6pm sharp.

Necessary supplies for all rides:
– Water bottles
– Helmet
– Co2 canister or mini-pump
– Spare inner tube
Front and back light (make sure they are fully charged)
Check that your wheels are inflated to the appropriate PSI before each ride
– Dress appropriately…layers are always a good idea 🙂

We will ride a no drop pace out to Explorer drive where we will do some loops to practice riding in a group. If anyone is worried…don’t be! Remember…Fun, Supportive, Friendly, Social, NO DROP!

The forecast looks great – see you tonight VeloDonnas!
PS – Sorry Dudes this ride is all ours!

Safety Reminder – Working front and rear lights are mandatory for all VeloDonna road rides, no exceptions, no grace period. So be sure to have working lights or you won’t be able to participate, and that would really suck if you had to go back home after making the effort to show-up on time.

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